Hi, my name is Diego R. Santos, but you can call me Batman, because you never saw the Batman and i together.

I have 11 years of experience working with Linux and i’m a specialist with troubleshooting and project deployment on mission critical environments running Linux. Most of my experience is with Red Hat Enterprise Linux running in physical and virtualized environments. I know a little bit about the OSI model, internet services and hardware.

I’m passionate about technologies like: OpenStack, Docker, VMware, Amazon Web Services and DevOps best practices for optimization and automation in data center infrastructure.

In my free time i like to write in my personal blog, read about Python, DevOps, tuning, hardening, hacks, have fun with my daughter and play chess with my wife.

I’m working at Amazon Web Services as Cloud Support Engineer. If you have some trouble with Linux, feel free to contact me, you just need to turn on the Bat-Signal, i’ll be glad to help you and keep the villains out from Gotham.