Install RHEL with boot from SAN and EMC PowerPath

Here are some useful steps to install RHEL with boot from SAN and EMC PowerPath.

  1. Make sure that only one Fibre Channel cable is plugged into the host.
  2. Enable the BIOS on one HBA, disable it on all others.
  3. Make sure only ONE LUN is presented to the host.
  4. Select LUN 0 in the BIOS on HBA 1 for boot.
  5. Boot the host and install RHEL 6.2 or later.
  6. Select Specialized Storage Devices.
  7. Select /dev/sda.
  8. Allow installation to proceed normally, reboot at end of installation.
  9. Make a copy of your initramfs.
  10. Install the PowerPath, license and run “/etc/init.d/PowerPath start”. Check the PowerPath configuration. Run the powermt save command.
  11. Edit /etc/fstab to mount boot from /dev/emcpowera1.
  12. Remount /boot.
  13. Change LVM filter to [ “a/emcpower.*/”, “r/sd.*/”, “r/disk.*/” ].
  14. Build a new initramfs with “dracut -v -f /boot/initramfs-PP-$(uname -r).img $(uname -r)”.
  15. Add the rest of the LUNs to the configuration via array masking.
  16. Plug in the second FC cable, scan in the LUNs, run powermt config, and make sure all paths are active.
  17. Reboot.

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