Configure FCoE NICs in RHEL

Setting up and deploying a FCoE (Fibre-channel over Ethernet)  interface requires two packages in RHEL 6.2 or later.

  • Install required packages.
# yum install -y fcoe-utils lldpad -y
  • Put the services on startup.
# chkconfig lldpad on
# chkconfig fcoe on
  • Create the configuration file for each FCoE interface.
# cp /etc/fcoe/cfg-ethx /etc/fcoe/cfg-eth2
# cp /etc/fcoe/cfg-ethx /etc/fcoe/cfg-eth3
  • DCB_REQUIRED should be set to no for networking interfaces that implement a hardware DCBX client.
# sed -i 's/DCB_REQUIRED=\"yes\"/DCB_REQUIRED=\"no\"/g' /etc/fcoe/cfg-eth2
# sed -i 's/DCB_REQUIRED=\"yes\"/DCB_REQUIRED=\"no\"/g' /etc/fcoe/cfg-eth2
  • Start the required services.
# service lldpad start
# service fcoe start
  • Bring the FCoE interfaces up.
# ifup eth2
# ifup eth3
  • List your new FCoE interfaces.
# fcoeadm -i

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